Performance guaranteed

Performance guaranteed

Get updates on the progress of your dissertation order

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Get assistance for the statistical analysis performed in your ordered dissertation.

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We appreciate your need to stay updated on the progress of your dissertation order. It is your right to know what is going on in the paper. We have acknowledged this need by creating a smoother process for tracking your order 24 x 7.

How does this process work?

Once you place your dissertation order and make the payment, the project will be started by the assigned team (which consists of a Handler and writers). You will immediately receive an email from your Handler about initiation of your order.

Thereafter, you will be given daily updates by your Handler about the progress made during the day. If you wish, at any time in between, to see further progress then you can request your Handler to report to you via email with detailed progress. The Handler will report to you within an hour with the progress and will provide you the following details:

  • Content covered
  • No. of words written
  • Expected time of completion (before deadline/ on deadline)?
  • Is the content written so far a rough one or the final version?

What if I want to see my dissertation before deadline?

Many customers feel the urge to see their paper before deadline, just to be sure that the work is going on in the right track. For this reason, we have very liberal rules on submission of a paper before deadline.

If you wish to see your paper in between, you can forward the request to your Handler. The Handler will respond to you with the draft within 24 hours.

This facility is available only for long duration assignments/essays and dissertations. Orders with delivery time of less than 3 days will not be provided with a pre-draft before deadline.