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How important is the data analysis part in a Dissertation

Data is the main structure of any research as it determines the final outcome of the research, it’s a pain taking task to collect all the relevant data but it’s equally as important to arrange it in a manner that it can make sense to anyone who reads it, no matter the amount or quality of data that has been collected it won’t make any sense until and unless it is organized in a manner which can transform that data into information and processing of this data into an organized manner is known as data analysis and it is the second most important part of a dissertation after data collection. Read more »

How to refer to other author’s work in your dissertation?

While graduating from college you need to write papers or dissertations that often require referring to other author’s work in some or the other way. Doing this efficiently is very important, to complete your graduation successfully.  In American universities, they have rules regarding how to use references to other peoples work. Read more »

How to organize your time for your Dissertation?

Writing a dissertation can be a daunting task and one that gets really tormenting with the deadline in view. Two major considerations that can drastically cut down on the probable time that a student would take to complete his dissertation is- Organization of the entire available data and effectual time management. Read more »

Which is the most important portion of the dissertation and why?

Dissertation is considered as a qualifying step towards gaining scholarships for higher studies like going for a Master degree program or a PhD degree. Read more »

Thesis and dissertation

It often happens that students are not being able to identify the differences between a thesis and a dissertation. Eventhough a thesis and a dissertation, both are considered as a deep logical & analytical study on a particular subject, there are certain properties which distinguish them. Read more »

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