Tame the topic

Tame the topic

Understanding a dissertation proposal

Dissertation is an outcome of your procured knowledge practically, theorticically, through presentations over the years spent on a specific subject. Read more »

How to Prepare a Dissertation Proposal?

A dissertation proposal is the very first step to your thesis writing. Though a minor portion compared to the whole dissertation, the proposal is nevertheless very important for your research. Read more »

Why do you need an expert’s advice for research proposal?

Not every student needs an expert’s advice on a given situation. If the student is well-read in a particular subject (for eg. Marketing/ Finance/ Human Resources), he will not really need to seek an expert’s insight. Read more »

What should you write in a research proposal?

A standard research proposal starts with a background of the issue. As you explore the details of the research situation, you start to list your aim and objectives. Read more »

Writing a research proposal?

There are numerous companies in the market who claim research proposal writing is an exhaustive job. These notions are misleading, and their sole intention is to extract money from innocent students. Read more »