We answer your questions. Simply ASK.

We answer your questions. Simply ASK.

Challenges involved in implementing project management techniques

When managing the projects, there are many challenges faced by the managers of the project, vice president of professional services, directors of operation, offers of chief financial and other project team members (Denker, 1996). Read more »

Explain the meaning and basics of project management?

The project management is an organized and planned effort to accomplish the specific objective of one-time, for example, implementing a main new computer system and constructing a building. Read more »

What is knowledge management?

Awad (2004, p 26) described that knowledge management is a newly interdisciplinary and emerging business model that has knowledge within the structure of an organization as it focus. It is denoted in several disciplines including psychology, business, information management and economics. Read more »

What is an expert system?

An expert system depends on a knowledge codification obtained from human experts to reproduce human expertise in a limited domain and thus offer an expert views to queries in the domain that might be imposed by a non-expert. Read more »