We answer your questions. Simply ASK.

We answer your questions. Simply ASK.

Corporate Governance in Developing Economies

Since developing countries do not have a strong, long established financial institution infrastructure to deal with issues related to corporate governance, corporate governance issues are especially important. Corporate governance has become important is the past couple of years. Read more »

What is financial risk tolerance?

The extent to wish an investor is willing to accept more risk in exchange for the possibility of a higher return (Website, Financialdictionary.com). Read more »

What is a Cash Flow Statement?

As a business establishment, one needs to review how well his company is doing over a period of time. An accountant’s job is to prepare the financial statements by measuring the company’s performance. Read more »

How to construct a cash flow forecast?

All measures should be taken to make the cash flow forecasts as accurate as possible, hence a strong framework for cash forecasting has to be structured. Read more »

How effective is email marketing to businesses today?

To-days businesses depend, in a very considerable extent, on the effectiveness of email marketing. Implementing an effective email marketing communication platform involves multiple tasks, such as building a permission-based list of recipients, managing the list, defining relevant content in the right format, delivering the message and evaluating the results. Read more »

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