We answer your questions. Simply ASK.

We answer your questions. Simply ASK.

What is brand awareness?

Most businesses aim to ultimately increase their sales and revenues. They want to not only attract new customers, but also esnure that customers stay loyal to their products/ services. Brand awareness refers to how aware a customer is of the organisation’s business and its products (Gustafson and Chabot, 2007). Read more »

What are the types of blogs?

Blogs are used not only by the general public for socializing purposes, but also by corporates for marketing purposes. However, there are slightly more types of blogs than personal or corporate blogs. Read more »

What is Liberalization?

Much has been said and written about the term “liberalization”, not only in context of what it means, but also about what it does not mean. For instance, Mahajan (2006) defines Liberalisation as the “process where economy policy emphasizes minimum restrictions, maximum freedom and least administrative controls on economy so that industries are kept liberalised from regulations and controls to their maximum”. Read more »

What is product brand image and brand association?

Brand image:
According to Chunnawala, (2008), the marketing term product’s brand Image can be defined as “a consumer perception towards a product.” Read more »

What are blogs?

In simple terms, Blog is the short term universally used for “weblog”, a genre of websites that construct and display entries similar to those in a journal or diary, in a chronological order (Thomas and Walden, 2007). It is an online diary for person, or even a brand/ product/ business or any form of organisation. Read more »

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