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Performance guaranteed

What is plagiarism in an academic paper and how to avoid it?

Put forward in simple language, plagiarism is the usurping of someone else’s hard work and talent. Throwing more light on that, plagiarism may be defined as a grave offence which one makes by intentionally copying the ideas, views and the very words of some other author, without giving any due credit to the person. Read more »

How to critically evaluate the review of literature in a dissertation

The literature review is that part of a dissertation in which the writer justifies the need for the research by critically evaluating previous research. Read more »

How to write a dissertation in Biotechnology?

The most brilliant science in the world is worthless if no one else knows about it or understands it. Thus, the goal of a scientific writing is to clearly communicate what the researcher has done, what they found and why it is important and interesting. [Val Gerard] Read more »

How to write a dissertation in Sociology?

A dissertation is a comprehensive piece of work usually submitted towards the academic fulfillment of undergraduate/ graduate studies. Read more »

How to write a dissertation on international business

The international business literature has no boundaries, its rapid growth and vastness of the subject has not only lead to the proliferation and rapid multiplication of the international business literature but also has led to the rampant increase in the development of niche areas of the international business. Read more »

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