Professional essay writing

Professional essay writing

Check before you finally submit your essay

Your supervisor or tutor plays a major role in the construction of a research work at the foremost. Your tutor expects not to be treated like a protagonist or in simpler terms a villain. The tutor expects a certain basic knowledge from the student who appears in front of him inorder to sharpen it a bit more and bring out the real essence out of him. Your tutor expects that:

  1. Reading your paper will be a pleasure.
  2. A draft to be provided for each and every chapter and follow it up with the supervisor.
  3. Material from your short-term report to be included into the final essay.
  4. The paper is submitted on the deadline. Planning for the time should be perfect so that the supervisor has sufficient time to read drafts and make necessary comments and later you have time to implement on your supervisor’s comments.
  5. The paper submitted is properly proofread. Remember that your supervisor is not a copy editor. The correction of grammar and spellings will not be entertained by him; rather your supervisor will guide you about the structure and the content. It is essential to do a proper proof reading of the paper thoroughly only the spell check will not be of complete help for this.
  6. The paper is written in proper English. Inscribe in clear, flowing English, keep away from the two extremes neither write notes nor get held up with long sentences with many subordinate clauses.
  7. The paper is properly segmented and is properly supported by data collected using different methods. It is essential to specify which appears as the primary data and which happens to be the secondary data.
  8. The paper is free from plagiarism.
  9. The paper is properly formatted. The space left for the left side margin should be 37mm and for the right margin 25mm respectively. Spacing between lines should follow uniformity in it such as either it should be 1.1 or 1.2. Standard font to be adhered to as Times Roman or Calibri either 11 or 12pt. apart from the headings and sub – headings which can be larger.
  10. Last of the the tutor expects that the paper should make sense.

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