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Performance guaranteed

What are the challenges while writing a dissertation?

A dissertation has a limited number of challenges, but is nonetheless intense. The best approach is to create a blueprint of the dissertation before you start writing. Some of these challenges are presented below:

Finding journals: If you have access to university libraries and online libraries, you may find key journals for your dissertation research. Since universities are now motivating students to use more journals than books for their dissertation, you must use at least 5 latest ones (which are not more than 1 year old). If you do not have access to paid libraries, search for the journals online using the right key words.

Collecting primary data: It is an indisputable fact that most students manipulate the primary data in their dissertation. This is not recommended because if badly done, the student stands to fail. You must plan the data collection well in advance and try to finish the task in one day. If you plan to approach a particular company, send them a descriptive letter explaining the purpose of your dissertation and how the results of this study will be useful for the company. If possible, cite a few examples. 

Writing the conclusion: By the time you reach the conclusion part of your dissertation, you will be exhausted and probably use your patience. However, this part is more critical than any other as you need to prove if the aim and objectives of your study have been achieved; whether the hypothesis has been tested successfully or not. A remedial move is to create a rough conclusion before you make the final version.

Using enough references: For a standard 15,000 word dissertation, you must use at least 40 references. Source the references from Google Books, paid libraries and your college libraries.

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