Professional essay writing

Professional essay writing

How to write an academic essay?

Writing an essay is no different from a dissertation. It requires the same level of analytical and writing skills, and a few good tips. Before writing the essay, consider the following points:

  • Have you understood the purpose of the essay?
  • Where are you sourcing the study material from?
  • How many references are right for my essay?
  • How important is a good start and an appropriate end?

What sets an essay apart from any other paper is its content and the word count. An essay has the ability to describe a theme in 3000 words, unlike any other paper. However, to do so, you must understand the basics of an essay:

  • Steps for Preparation: Understand and interpret the purpose of the essay. This will help you search for better and relevant content.
  • Start your essay with an introduction to the topic. For instance, if you are writing an essay on “Consumer Behavior in Apparel Industry in the UK”, then start the paper with a 5-line background of the Apparel industry in the UK so that the reader understands the situation before the problem pops up.
  • State the purpose of the essay. After the introduction, why you chose to write an essay on the particular topic.
  • Start the main body of the essay with key concepts of your topic. For example, if you are working on “Marketing Essentials in the automobile industry in China”, then you need to explain about “Marketing Essentials” in general. The reader needs to understand the theory before the problem is presented to him.
  • Use enough references. State where you sourced the information whenever you use a quote. A typical 3000-word essay needs about 15 references.
  • Do not lose ground in the middle of the essay. It is one of the most common mistakes students make, and it is irreversible (unless you are willing to start from scratch). Stick to the main concepts to be discussed.
  • Conclusion should constitute 10% of the total word count of your essay. It is here that you explain why you inter-related the main elements of the topic: for example, marketing essentials and automobile industry; consumer behavior and apparel industry. Most importantly, you must list how the study has been useful and the scope for further research on this topic.

Key points to remember:

  • An essay is your own interpretation of the topic, with support from secondary sources
  • Inculcate your views and opinions to make it meaningful
  • Present the facts and figures in a designated sequence
  • Use simple and classic language that helps you interact with the audience
  • Aim to answer the main question/ theme of the essay
  • Add a personal touch to the paper by summarizing it with positive findings as a researcher.

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