Statistics simplified

Statistics simplified

How important is the data analysis part in a Dissertation

Data is the main structure of any research as it determines the final outcome of the research, it’s a pain taking task to collect all the relevant data but it’s equally as important to arrange it in a manner that it can make sense to anyone who reads it, no matter the amount or quality of data that has been collected it won’t make any sense until and unless it is organized in a manner which can transform that data into information and processing of this data into an organized manner is known as data analysis and it is the second most important part of a dissertation after data collection. Just imagine the confusion if the researcher forgets to add one piece of information that connects two different variables because of this the research would be incomplete as it would lack certain information that could end up being the most decisive piece of evidence with regards to the end result and the researcher might end up failing the test. The researcher would have conducted several tests before coming to an conclusion hence this will increase the amount of data that would be collected by the researcher, he or she should be able to analyze and choose the best available option as adding more than one option to the dissertation would end up in making it repetitive and losing out on something would end up as an incomplete data hence a thorough analysis is required before adding any final information to dissertation.

The analyzed data need to be penned in a manner that can be easily read and understood by anyone whether it’s a scientist or a school teacher, as the reader won’t have access to any practical test results the researcher needs to cover all the details along with the exact explanation so that the precise message is conveyed to the reader. All the major information needs to be broke up and organized in a simpler and easy way so that even a common man without any scientific background could read it and be able to understand what the research was done for, how it was done and what was the final outcome hence the interpretation should be made more easy and comprehendible.

A well organized dissertation gives the reader and idea of what the researcher has derived from the data and how good was he in understanding the sequence of test that were carried out it might further help in lending a creditability. As the same data might be used by someone to research further on the similar hypothesis its essential that all the data be saved in a organized manner as data that can be simply read and understood can be more useful and reliable and it might be considered more authentic if it has references along with it support the claims that have been proposed in the study.

A well organized and planned dissertation could help in impressing the assessor about the researcher and he might end with an extra point or mark and this can only be achieved by through data analysis.

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