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How to compose a dissertation?

A dissertation is an organized piece of writing which helps in developing a clear thought as an answer in response to a central question or proposition. It is a detailed examination of the subject matter which provides evidence of your ability to successfully do an independent study or research.

Procedures for writing a dissertation

The most important task before writing a dissertation is to make one crystal clear about the investigative procedures and rules required for writing a properly structured dissertation. The methodological experiments used in one’s subject and the usage of appropriate software according to one’s subject matter also play a significant role in carrying out a dissertation.

The first and the foremost step of a dissertation is its introduction which gives a brief description of the topic and the reason for which it is taken. Then, in support of the topic, all the data sources should be presented and it should be properly explained how those data support the findings of your topic. The most difficult aspect of writing a dissertation consists of organizing the evidence and associated discussions into a coherent form. The ‘how’ part of a dissertation gains momentum after this and it mainly focuses on the reason for which the topic is being researched upon.

Elaborate the research design used for the research work

The writer of a dissertation should also elaborate clearly about the research design used for carrying out the research work done in the topic. After that, the expected outcome of the research is highlighted in the topic which is also called the conclusion of the dissertation. Timescales, resources and limitations, if any, are also very significant and should never be missed in a research work as it not only helps in making a dissertation structured but also helps other writers in using the prepared dissertation as a reference work.

For writing the body of a dissertation work and focusing on the main topic of research, the prominent writers in the respective field and their arguments should always be mentioned as it gives weight to your thought. It is always suggested to avoid surface level’ description and regurgitation of facts, ideas, and theories from the literature as it changes the work of dissertation into a mere theory. As far as possible, big quotes from authors’ work should be avoided as it may sometime become confusion rather than clarifying the meaning.  Instead of this, experts recommend to paraphrase statements given in an author’s work if it’s too long.

A crystal clear research topic

As a dissertation mainly comprises of research work and its finding so, the research questions, issues or themes to be addressed or investigated should be clearly mentioned without any ambiguity.  The research questions should be clear to the researcher as well as to those who read it. It should be taken care that the research questions are not vague but researchable. Not only this, it should also be capable of development into a research design as it helps in the collection of the relevant data. For a crystal clear research work, vagueness or abstraction should have no place in it and the work should be connected with established theory and research .

Dissertation should be original and substantial

So, a dissertation should be both original and substantial.  As critical thinking forms the essence of a dissertation, analysis and concepts form the heart of the work. A dissertation focuses on principles and concentrates on the lessons learned rather than mere facts behind them.

Logical and defensible statements

As dissertation adheres to originality, every statement in a dissertation must be supported by a reference or published scientific literature or by original work. A dissertation should abide by the rules of formal grammar and no contractions, colloquialisms, slurs, undefined technical jargon, hidden jokes, and slangs should be used. The words used for writing a dissertation must convey the exact and intended meanings.

Each statement in a dissertation must be correct and defensible in a logical and scientific sense. Moreover, the discussions in a dissertation must satisfy the most stringent rules of logic applied to mathematics and science.

Accurate referencing

Always make sure that you give correct and applicable references in your study paper. It adds a lot in making the paper more effective.

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