Professional essay writing

Professional essay writing

How to compose your essay?

It is not yet known that who wrote an essay for the first time.  Montaigne a French writer coined the word Essai in the 16th century and called his writing by that name, and in future this entered the dictionary as Essay and usually Montaigne work were only précis. “One damned thing after another” is how Aldous Huxley described the Essay: “a literary device for saying almost everything about almost anything”. In short an essay may be referred to just about a short piece of non – fiction which can includes an editorial section, a story, a critical study or a philosophical advice.

An essay can have various ideas, but the basic structure appears to be the standard one no matter what. An essay may be written as an argument comprised for a particular point of view or inorder to explain the steps mandatory to complete a chore, whichever way, the essay will have a basic format. An important aspect about an essay is that when a few simple steps are followed one will find that the essay almost writes by itself, and the writer is only responsible for supplying ideas, which is an important part of the essay anyway.

The basic steps to be adhered to while writing an essay which can be termed as steps are:

  1. Decide a topic
  2. Prepare an outline of the idea you possess
  3. Write the main thesis statement
  4. The body
    • The main points
    • The sub points
    • Elaboration of the sub points
  5. Introduction
  6. Conclusion
  7. Finishing touches

In an essay it is not essential that all the points that are learned from the reading are to be jotted down, even if it appears to be crucial to mix up few bits of content which is been read. An essay requires relevance and independence of thought. Originality is to be strictly followed except when it comes to spelling and grammar.

It is advisable to make use of quotes, especially from obscure primary sources, to show the wide knowledge gained, it should also be made sure that the essay should be written in own words otherwise he essay may be accused of cheating.

It may be felt, when reading other’s work that it was not been done in a proper way by you, rather the writer have written it more artistically, in that case try, better try to disagree. The integral point of quoting what someone else has said is to initiate an interesting idea of your own.

Finally, make sure that the conclusion indicates and goes in hand with the points discussed and not vary at the end on a new and completely different note.

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