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How to construct an efficient online recruitment system?

Online recruitment is identified as an efficient and effective process for recruiting candidates (Smith, 2000).  However, in order to make it more efficient, the following guidelines should be adapted by organizations (Gueutal and Stone, 2006)

Step 1: Organizations must use online recruitment as applicant’s source but must not use it as the only source for recruiting applicants.

Step 2: Well known organization with prominent image may benefit more from online recruitment than those that are not well known.

Step 3: Organizations must identify that online recruitment may not be the preferred source for several job applicants and may not often reach the applicants types that can help the organization to meet its aims. Thus organizations must be aware that online recruitment may not attract the most qualified job applicants and may actually be more attractive to individuals with unfavorable rather than favorable backgrounds.

Step 4: Organizations must focus on the strengths of online recruitment and use it when huge amounts of applicants are required or when they are searching for individuals in high level jobs needed fairly high levels of education (Parkinson, 2001). In addition they must use online recruitment to aim applicants in particular labor markets including those in high technology jobs and students who are searching for full time or part time jobs right out of college.

Step 5: Organizations must assure that their websites are configured to easy usage, simple to navigate and focus on attracting applicants rather than screening them for jobs.

Step 6: Organizations must develop online screening systems based on job analyses and assure that the inferences made from these systems are valid and reliable.

Step 7: Organizations must develop online recruitment systems that offer information for applicants about the distinct organization characteristics and assure that they are given a realistic preview of the organization.

Step 8: Organizations must use websites to promote values that will be catchy to several new employees rather than just choose those that fit with the traditional culture.

Step 9: Employers must assure that online recruitment systems are not adopted as a fad but are used to enhance the attraction of applicants to organizations and increase the number of successful placements made.

Step 10: Organizations must assure that online recruitment systems are organized with the strategic aims of the organization and permit them to attract the kinds of individuals who can help them meet their strategic objectives

On adapting the above mentioned guidelines, employers would be able to hire competent candidates from all over the globe in a cost effective and efficient manner.


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