Statistics simplified

Statistics simplified

How to decide methodology for my dissertation?

A dissertation should make use of a methodology that is common, easy to reach, but shall be concrete and based on fundamental supports. Major aspects are available data, research data related to subject, self competitive completion, interviews and observation over the subject structure.

Again there are two ways to proceed are – one quality and quantity. These relates with time management and economy. Combination of above all is the best suggestive methodology for dissertation.

A series of self completion questions shall be prepared first and retrieve answers from own knowledge and data available. Think for the simplest topics, take general profile answers. A series of clear question can give easy flow to design in short period.

Second stage is interview where the base line is what the final destination. What is correctly requirement at the final stage of dissertation? Questionnaire shall be prepared on this base, refer with the data available and find sources for more productive data. Make counseling and interviews to gain fixed choice of answers.
Style of interview shall be formal and process shall be governed whit perfect schedule. Keeping in mind that reasonable flexibility during interview can achieve more exploration. Finally gather creative useful portion.

Observation recording should be done systematically, periodically, scheduled productivity. Compare recorded observation with theoretical data and lay out difference. Observation is primary work but to compile with statistical and theoretical data and measure differences. Steps vise analytical data sheet to prepare to gain best process controls and maximum output within the available resources. Self questionnaire questions with this case study can be referred with observation like what is general format of process, what implementation took place, what changes noted, what is more effective step to be take to reach for acceleration and best output.

Quantitative methodology is suggestive and preferable and also can not be neglected but shall have rational conditions with budget and time management.
In addition to this keeping in mind that it must implies to a mass generation. An ultimate dissertation destination to exploit a mass many more references, collection of data, analytical reports, and comparison required to guide them for the perfection and soundness. Normally such theme is preferred when we need to change mass behavior, need to set trends or branding against the competition.

Most effective process is qualitative methodology which has to combine with quantity. It depends on data, references, approaches, interviews, capability and justification. Data collection from resources and reference shall be compared and process with present functional situation. Approaches have vided option like realistic, constructive and phenomenologist. Then use experience to retrieve philosophical approach. Soundness relies on the best supervision over interview. With multiple functioning interviews it is easy to establish concrete effective aim. From the interview we can learn current situations, problems in present circumstances, different ways and methods to work, changes and effects of changes, hurdles on implementation and finally to overcome with a smoother process for aimed dissertations.

Finally, methodology designed to my dissertation shall be based on case study, aim of the subject; module shall be unique combination of quantitative and qualitative referred with case studies, competitive analysis of history, theoretical and implementation.

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