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How to design a questionnaire for your dissertation?

The most necessary part of dissertation writing is to design a questionnaire. Usually students do not understand the pros, cons and the techniques of designing a questionnaire. A dissertation questionnaire is one of the major tools which several dissertation writers use to conduct the research.

Creating a questionnaire is a method that is used in social sciences frequently because it permits gathering information on real-world and thus making the project useful and closer to the reader. For a researcher it is very important to hаνе a perfect understanding of the concept to design a questionnaire. A well prepared and well configured questionnaire adds great value to the dissertation paper in the stage of analysis.

A questionnaire mυѕt be structured appropriately and standardized and must be targeted on closed ended questionnaire and must be managed in a proper way. When there is a big sample and if one requires a standardized data and straight forward approach for a dissertation paper then designing a questionnaire is the best choice. Sometimes for students it becomes critical to acquire information from filled questionnaires to conclude the outcomes of dissertation. The limitations of questionnaires are that they are critical to capture the richness of the meaning and they can be superficial. They cannot deal with the main content and the information is gathered in environment isolation. Moreover the information may not be indicative and cannot represent the relationships of cause and effect.

For designing a questionnaire researcher has to keep an eye on specific things such as to monitor if the questionnaire is proper or not, recognize the resources that are available, and decide what information have to be included in a questionnaire. The dissertation paper should include questions related to primary objectives and the review of literature.

The questionnaire can be classified into two types by names open ended and closed ended questionnaires respectively. The predetermined responses are not given in open ended questionnaire and in open ended questionnaire the respondents are expected to give the answers in their own words. Basically these questionnaires are also helpful in exploratory research to produce several ideas. In this type of questionnaires the answers are critical to analyze since they lack in uniformity. Open ended questionnaires are in general used in qualitative research.

The second type of questionnaire is the closed ended questionnaire. The closed ended questionnaire is designed to acquire predetermined responses. They are simple to examine and interpret to conclude the output of the dissertation paper. Closed ended questionnaires are in general used in b.

The following are few qualities to be possessed by questionnaires in a dissertation:

  • Questionnaires irrespective of they are closed or open ended have clear, precise and easy questions.
  • The questionnaire must be easy and simple to recall and it is better to keep the words easy and small to understand.
  • The questions must be creative and in an order and one question must have a link with other question and all questions must be related with the dissertation topic.
  • The questionnaire must help the respondents to move from one question to another in a smooth manner.
  • Finally, the questions must tend to flow from impersonal to personal, general to specific and from simple to critical.

Questions when designed with the above features will serve best in helping the research attain the research objectives.

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