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How to prepare for your marketing dissertation?

Marketing is one of the most fascinating and also the most researched business subject. It is the life blood of any business and thousands of books, case studies and research programs have been conducted on finding innovative and path breaking methods of marketing.

This makes it even more complex and tedious for any doctoral student to write a dissertation. However making the right preparations before embarking on writing can help you tackle the formidable task somewhat easier. There are several things you need to do in preparation for writing which are listed as under:

Pick your topic intelligently:

Marketing is a very broad term and almost every area of this exciting subject has been run through a fine comb. Yet there are areas which may have developed recently, are relatively current, overlooked by most or niche. Spend some time researching the most appropriate product or service or consumer group that can be studied at length and which may provide an opening for some breakthrough research. This will help you build your entire dissertation to carry more impact and will find favor with the dissertation committee.

Make the research proposal:

Before finally settling for the dissertation topic, it is imperative to prepare a research proposal. This will highlight and provide and overview of what exactly is involved. It will address the problem areas in relation to the topic in question. How research will be conducted to find solutions to the problems and will outline the objectives of the research pointing to a definite conclusion.

The proposal will be specific about the methodology of market research. The kind of interviews and control groups who will be approached will be mentioned. The questionnaire format and target sample audience will be defined to lend credibility to the empirical data.

Literature review:

This exercise will help you find your bearings on where you stand in relation to already available research, studies and treatise. Working on a similar context, you can identify the areas of conflict, similarities and issues to get a solid perspective on where you need to head with your research. On the already available material gleaned from different sources like reference materials, research papers and case studies, you can with confidence start forming an outline or abstract of your dissertation.

Take the plunge:

Marketing is best understood in the field and research on your dissertation calls for active involvement to gather raw data. Go out with your survey, interview the target groups, calibrate your research effort to gain as much as possible and talk to marketing veterans or industry verticals in the zone to get a feel of the subject matter. This will enable you to get a sense of the problem, the bottlenecks, likely solutions and direction on which to base your research and dissertation.

Data analysis:

Having done all the leg work to collect all the research material, it is time to collate and analyze the raw data. This will help you find patterns of similarities, variances, oddities and cohesiveness. Now you are finally ready to make a serious and confident attempt at writing your marketing dissertation.

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