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How to write a consumer behavior dissertation?

To write a dissertation on consumer behaviour, deeper knowledge and understanding of the subject is a must, to be acquired by hard work and strong research. Consumer behaviour is the study of processes involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use or dispose products, services, idea or experiences. It focuses on how individuals make decisions and spend their available resources on consumption related including what they buy, why they buy, when they buy, where they buy it, how often they buy it how often they use it, how they evaluate it after they purchase and the impact of such evaluations on future purchases.

A good research dissertation must collate sources, collect data, do statistical analysis, and then write. The methodology of research must be discussed with the supervisor. A lot of data can be collected through interviewing as well. So the questionnaire for interview must cover all the research topics.

The important first step in the planning of the dissertation is the selection of an appropriate Topic on consumer behaviour to be followed by good research. Organising that research systematically will be a task. In general, the dissertation consumer behaviour can take the following architecture.

Title page or cover page that will carry the following points:

  • Topic of the consumer behaviour dissertation
  • Author’s name
  • Name of the degree for which this dissertation is targeted
  • Name of the university and department followed by month and year
  • Acknowledgement of gratitude to the people who helped the author in writing the dissertation


The abstract can give a summary of the consumer behaviour dissertation and incorporate the following points:

  1. Background of the topic
  2. Aim of the study
  3. Overview of research methodology
  4. Table of contents where chapters have to be listed with page numbers.


The dissertation on consumer behaviour must tell in its introduction what the paper is going to discuss and the research question and concludes with the statement.

Literature review

Literature review must give a synopsis of previously published works on consumer behaviour.


Here the research methods have to be explained and the reasons thereof for selecting those methods.


Here you should present the facts and findings of the research.


In the discussion part of dissertation, the findings obtained from the research on current available literature can be examined. The discussion is focused to prove the topic question giving your consumer behaviour dissertation theories.


In this section of the dissertation, sources can be cited in an accurate manner.


Graphs, tables, figures, interviews, questionnaires, summaries of survey, and statistical results can be accommodated in this section.


As the result of all the research findings and their analysis, the author will come up with further suggestions for future work and further improvement in the field.

To conclude, the student must explain the methods and processes used for research in the methodology section as most jury members are concerned about the resources used for information collection. So a broad road map and a transparent approach can lead the student to his goal of writing a rich dissertation that can earn powerful grades.

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