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How to write a dissertation on international business

The international business literature has no boundaries, its rapid growth and vastness of the subject has not only lead to the proliferation and rapid multiplication of the international business literature but also has led to the rampant increase in the development of niche areas of the international business. That means, there are many topics that one can write a dissertation on. But at the same time, it becomes very difficult to do one thing: choose the topic.

It is very nice and easy to have big goals while writing dissertations on international business topics since most of the topics are well investigate, highly significant and far reaching. But it is important for one to make sure that it does not turn out to be a trap that might lead an international business dissertation into struggle from the outset.

To write an international business dissertation, it is important that one understands the overall structure of the dissertation.

Title page:

The title page of the dissertation should contain the following:

1)      Topic

2)      Personal details

3)      Reason to submit the dissertation

4)      University/department details along with the month/year.


Acknowledgements should include a mention of all the people who have helped write the international business dissertation by thanking them and appreciating them.


The abstract should contain an overview of the international business dissertation. It is generally about 120-150 words. It should contain the following points:

  • General background of the topic.
  • Aim behind the study
  • Modes of conducting the research
  • Result

Table of content:

Mention all the names of the sections and chapters and any other written work in the form of a list along with page numbers.


An international business introduction serves as a reason to establish the research in the first place. The introduction further explains the research question more in detail and concludes with a clear hypothesis.

Literature review:

Literature review is basically an abstract or an overview of the readily accessible or available material regarding the international business dissertation topic. It is important that the material that is reviewed comes from reliable, authentic and trustworthy sources. This section is important because it helps one stay focussed on their topic and also gives one a chance to explore their own opinions and new angles to exploit about their own dissertation topics.


In this section the author mentions about the various modes of the research done on their topic for their international business dissertation. This section should briefly explain how the research will be carried out and the relevance and significance of choosing these means and methods should also be mentioned.


In this section, one should carefully put together the data that one has reviewed along with valid statistical data. Here, it is important to be careful about one’s own opinions as they are meant for the ‘discussion’ part. This section contains a summation and collation of solid data.


In this section, one presents their own point of view in terms of a discussion which is gathered after reviewing and researching much on their international business dissertation topic. In this section, one gets an opportunity to explore their mind and mainly focus on the research question. In this section, an explanation is given regarding the answer to the research. Now, this answer to the research question of the international dissertation topic could be an acceptance or a rejection. But it must be presented very well.


As a result of all the research, reviewing and findings, one comes up with a conclusion. This conclusion is generally in the form of a suggestion or recommendation to do further work or make further improvements in the field.


Here all the information sources are to be listed.


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