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Performance guaranteed

Important points you cannot afford to oversee in your dissertation

A dissertation is considered as a qualifying step towards gaining scholarships for higher studies such as Master degree programs or a Doctorate degree. Contributing a Dissertation work is considered essential and also a skillful test towards one’s potentiality to bring in scholarships after graduation for higher studies. A dissertation is considered to be essentially contributing to decide over the one’ future but still it’s heartening to know that many hardly are aware of the ways and portions that constitute a meaningful dissertation.

Dissertation writing should mainly concentrate on major three elements which give it a form and those are Structure, the Content and the Language used in the dissertation.  Structure of a dissertation always differ from one institute to the other but have few common parts in it such as

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Review of Literature
  • Methodology

Abstract constitutes of the initial part of the dissertation and it reflects a short overview of the work showcased before the readers and it consists of less than 200 words. It in fact gives a brief summary of the actual research work and it must have cogent and lucid sentences so that everyone can get the idea behind the masterpiece.

Introduction follows the abstract and it constitutes of the initial portion of the tangible dissertation and explains the spirit of the research methodology and the flow of the processes in the later segments of the dissertation.

Literature Review is considered to be the most central portion of a dissertation. This portion of the dissertation aims at focusing on the basic idea behind the research methodology followed. The perceptive of the method is done by going through abundant books, journals and internet resources enclosing the subject of the research. A good literature review should go in particular manner. First it should focus on the objectives and finally must try to make it apparent in the theory afterwards. A literature review should be such following which a reader should be in a position to structure the hypothesis behind the work and can persist with the development of the actual work in progress. It is much essential in the sense that it forms the basic framework behind the success and respective implication of the work to be done under the guidelines of the research done and thus in a word it explains the scope of the research in the near future.

Next to the literature review is the methodology which describes the way by which data related to the research work is to be collected. It is done either by primary or secondary means. Data collection by primary means involves interviews, surveys and so on. After collecting them they are analyzed attain the final result. It is done to satisfy the objective of the research. The data is later being analyzed and further left for discussion to determine if the research is completed accordingly. Later the conclusion is attained accordingly. Reference is given extreme importance as it provides the source used for the research.

The content utilized for the dissertation should be very logical and it follows a meaningful approach. It must consist of logical and orderly arrangement of statements and must not tackle with the ultimate objective of the research.

The Language used in framing the dissertation is important too and must be composed of simple and clear sentences for everyone to follow. Added to that it must be free from grammatical and spelling errors as far as possible.

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