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Check before you finally submit your essay

Your supervisor or tutor plays a major role in the construction of a research work at the foremost. Your tutor expects not to be treated like a protagonist or in simpler terms a villain. Read more »

Importance of proofreading a dissertation

Dissertation is a compulsory component of the university education and usually ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 words in size and consumes the best part of a year’s time to complete it. Read more »

How to compose a dissertation?

A dissertation is an organized piece of writing which helps in developing a clear thought as an answer in response to a central question or proposition. Read more »

What is plagiarism in an academic paper and how to avoid it?

Put forward in simple language, plagiarism is the usurping of someone else’s hard work and talent. Throwing more light on that, plagiarism may be defined as a grave offence which one makes by intentionally copying the ideas, views and the very words of some other author, without giving any due credit to the person. Read more »

How to critically evaluate the review of literature in a dissertation

The literature review is that part of a dissertation in which the writer justifies the need for the research by critically evaluating previous research. Read more »

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