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How effective is email marketing to businesses today?

To-days businesses depend, in a very considerable extent, on the effectiveness of email marketing. Implementing an effective email marketing communication platform involves multiple tasks, such as building a permission-based list of recipients, managing the list, defining relevant content in the right format, delivering the message and evaluating the results. Read more »

Green marketing in India

The more widespread use of the term green marketing goes back to the last quarter of the previous century. With more and more awareness spreading about the environment and its deteriorating state, marketers in Europe invented products called “green” products that would be more empathetic to the environment. Read more »

Are celebrity endorsements thus an effective marketing tool?

Gone those days where brands were limited and their tag lines were enough for the publicity, for e.g. “Thanda matlab coca- cola” this tag line of coca cola helped a lot in terms of profit maximization and brand building. Read more »

What is brand awareness?

Most businesses aim to ultimately increase their sales and revenues. They want to not only attract new customers, but also esnure that customers stay loyal to their products/ services. Brand awareness refers to how aware a customer is of the organisation’s business and its products (Gustafson and Chabot, 2007). Read more »

What is product brand image and brand association?

Brand image:
According to Chunnawala, (2008), the marketing term product’s brand Image can be defined as “a consumer perception towards a product.” Read more »