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What is Intra-group Conflict?

Conflicts that exist within teams or departments are known as Inter-group conflict. The level of intra-group conflict is high when there is lack of coordination between individual teams. Intra group conflict within departments is a healthy sign; since it helps each team work together and exhibit better performance when compared with that of other teams (Van de Vliert and Kabanoff 1990; Pondy 1969). Read more »

What is inter-organizational conflict?

The types of organizational conflict vary from one organization to another. Some of the most common types of conflicts are individual conflict, interpersonal, intra-group, inter-organizational and intergroup (Lewicki, Weiss and Lewin, 1992). Read more »

The role of Incentivisation in efficiently managing workforce

Managing workforce is one of the toughest jobs in an organization. The performance of an organization depends on the performance of its workers. Hence, it is very much essential to motivate workers in performing their jobs well. Read more »