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How do organizations implement communities of practice?

Organizations implement communities of practice by cultivating them at either at organizational or inter-organizational context (Elkjaer 2004). The following are the methods by which organizations implement communities of practice: Read more »

Why isn’t leadership a form of control?

Control is making using of positional power to enforce rules on others. Control can be exercised by anyone. For example a production manager working in a manufacturing company can enforce rules on the laborers working for daily wages. Read more »

Why leaders who control do not succeed?

Control is defined as the process of identifying the differences between target and actual performances and taking corrective actions such that the actual performance is in line with target performance (Atwater and Yammarino 1989). Read more »

Is leadership a transformational or control process?

Leadership is defined as the art of influencing others. Leadership is a universal concept that is prevalent all across the globe (Shamir, House and Arthur, 1993). Read more »

What is transformational leadership?

Transform as the name suggests represents change. A transformational process is one that creates some kind of change. Change is inevitable in any organization. Read more »