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How does corporate social responsibility contribute to organizational development?

Corporate social responsibility is not just doing appropriate thing because it is correct. It also produces indirect and direct business advantages and benefits to the corporations that adopt it (L’Etang and Pieczka, 2006). Read more »

What is Intra-group Conflict?

Conflicts that exist within teams or departments are known as Inter-group conflict. The level of intra-group conflict is high when there is lack of coordination between individual teams. Intra group conflict within departments is a healthy sign; since it helps each team work together and exhibit better performance when compared with that of other teams (Van de Vliert and Kabanoff 1990; Pondy 1969). Read more »

What is e-commerce?

Electronic commerce is the performance of business activities electronically over computer networks (Turban, Lee, King and Chung, 1999). Timmers (2000) adds to it by defining electronic commerce as a way of maintaining relationships of business, exchanging business information and performing transactions of business by means of telecommunication networks. Read more »

Why isn’t leadership a form of control?

Control is making using of positional power to enforce rules on others. Control can be exercised by anyone. For example a production manager working in a manufacturing company can enforce rules on the laborers working for daily wages. Read more »

Why is corporate social responsibility important to an organization?

Corporate Social Responsibility also referred to as corporate citizenship, corporate sustainability, corporate responsibility and responsible business refers to the organization’s obligation beyond that needs by economics or law to pursue long term aims that are beneficiary for society. Read more »

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