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What is a global strategy?

The words globalization and internalization have been used interchangeably. However, researchers in international business would compare between two and view them as important quite various approaches to performing outside of domestic borders says Paul (2010). Read more »

How do online forums promote business?

Boone and Kurtz (2011, p 118) describe that online communities can take most forms but all of them provide particular benefits to organizations and users alike. Read more »

What is an electronic market?

According to Dholakia (2002, p 32) electronic methods of selling and buying have been around for a while. Electronic markets started emerging since the 1970s ranging from credit card transaction systems to airline reservation systems and store specific electronic shopping systems. Read more »

What is Customer value creation?

‘Value’ in terms of business can be explained as what customer gets for what the customer pays (Soman D and Marandi N S, 2009). A consumer is someone who purchases a service or a product sold by an organization. Read more »

Green marketing in India

The more widespread use of the term green marketing goes back to the last quarter of the previous century. With more and more awareness spreading about the environment and its deteriorating state, marketers in Europe invented products called “green” products that would be more empathetic to the environment. Read more »

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