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How do organizations implement communities of practice?

Organizations implement communities of practice by cultivating them at either at organizational or inter-organizational context (Elkjaer 2004). The following are the methods by which organizations implement communities of practice: Read more »

Why is corporate social responsibility important to an organization?

Corporate Social Responsibility also referred to as corporate citizenship, corporate sustainability, corporate responsibility and responsible business refers to the organization’s obligation beyond that needs by economics or law to pursue long term aims that are beneficiary for society. Read more »

What is inter-organizational conflict?

The types of organizational conflict vary from one organization to another. Some of the most common types of conflicts are individual conflict, interpersonal, intra-group, inter-organizational and intergroup (Lewicki, Weiss and Lewin, 1992). Read more »

What is transformational leadership?

Transform as the name suggests represents change. A transformational process is one that creates some kind of change. Change is inevitable in any organization. Read more »