Tame the topic

Tame the topic

Understanding a dissertation proposal

Dissertation is an outcome of your procured knowledge practically, theorticically, through presentations over the years spent on a specific subject.It is written keeping in mind not only what is learnt but also if it can be implemented practically to run a successful business.

To write a successful dissertation one has to focus on picking up the right topic which should interest not only the teachers who have taught you but to any individual on the faculty list who believes that this project is successful not only on academic basis but  is also successful as good business plan.

The focus should be on core topics.  The report should contain immense knowledge and data on the chosen field. Right kind of written material and evidence used is very important to support the outcomes of the project.

The proposal itself should be so convincing that the reader develops interest for actual dissertation. The faculty should be convinced from the proposal that enough research has been done on the core topic in question. While writing the report one should have enough convincing data which can help in building confidence for the writing the whole dissertation.

For writing the proposal one should always collect few samples of the other proposals and read them thoroughly and accumulate ideas of writing your own report.  Sample reports will help in knowing that the right methodology is being used.

Today with the help of the internet, research is easier but how relevant and what needs to be used from the given information is a difficult task.  Surplus amount of information can lead the report to nowhere, so as far writing a proposal we should be using relevant underlined titles, sub-heading, important keywords so it helps the reader to understand the important points.

To write a proposal decision has to be made in writing qualitative work or quantitative work.  Using both can be confusing. The writer should make sure using the correct approach.

Dissertation proposal layout should consist of the following headings:

  1. Introduction
  2. Problem statement
  3. Literature review
  4. Methodology
  5. References
  6. Appendix
  • The introductory part is the most important as this will attract the readers interest .This part will consists of description and the purpose of the chosen research topic.
  • Problem statement consists of the issues related to the research, why are these issues important and what is the relevance?   Problem should well defined that it cannot be missed by the reader and should help in making important decision. Why have these issues occurred and there background?
  • Literature view will have information on the key words being used. This part of the proposal will have detailed theoretical analysis on the research. This part of the proposal will say a lot about the writer and his knowledge.
  • Methodology:  this will include the reason for research, how it is planned to be done, what methods will be used and the ways to conduct the research.
  • References:  from where all the information has been collected.
  • Appendix: will consist of data collection tools such as surveys, questionnaires etc.

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