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Thesis and dissertation

It often happens that students are not being able to identify the differences between a thesis and a dissertation. Eventhough a thesis and a dissertation, both are considered as a deep logical & analytical study on a particular subject, there are certain properties which distinguish them.

thesis revolves round the primary data while dissertation on the secondary one. When you are writing a thesis, it is mainly the raw primary data that you have collected from your market study. While dissertation is when you analyse the present data and draw some relevant conclusions out of it.

For a thesis, you will have to come up with an absolutely new hypothesis involving your original data, rather an addition to that. This is what we call as “synopsis”. A dissertation is basically the expression of the knowledge that you have understood from the data already in your hand…it is all about what you have evaluated from the present researched literature.

A thesis always follows a definite structure like the title page, concept note, contents, the bodycopy, references etc. However dissertation structures vary depending on the subjects.

A thesis is considered as a research conducted at a higher degree in research study. While dissertation, should contain long and descriptive observations of the author, but at a graduation level.

Thesis leads to the achievement of a PhD degree whereas a dissertation provides post graduation degrees as for example M.Phil.

Incase of a thesis, you may have to go through a plagiarism test as it should speak of only new findings and discoveries. This is done to judge your actual effort. However for dissertation, it is more than enough if you are able to draw logical conclusion from the existing data you have.

Most of the time when you are writing a thesis, generally you have an access to scholarships. However, dissertations do not possess this facility.

Dissertation is lengthier than a thesis. Hence, dissertation is like a book while thesis can be called as a research paper. Subject is the fundamental factor which decides on the length of a thesis or a dissertation. For a thesis paper, if it is Humanities the pages vary from 10,000 to 35000 words while if it is science the quantity will be almost half. For dissertation, if we follow the same lines, it ranges between 70,000 and 1,00,000 words and the amount reduces incase of a scientific topic.

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