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Understanding the difference between a thesis and a dissertation

Some students and professional writers get confused between dissertation and thesis and used these two terms interchangeably. In order to have absolute work, you must know and understand these two different works. Dissertation is normally a work which includes mixture of your thoughts and opinions with previously collected one. However, thesis writing includes only your original work and not includes any sort of copying thoughts from another one. It is also having an important point of difference about degrees a candidate is getting after submission of dissertation and thesis.

Normally, after completion and submission of thesis master degree is awarded to you and after successfully submission of dissertation you would be awarded with doctoral level degree. In thesis writing, you have to include hypothesis which must be new to a particular subject and field and it must not be researched before. In thesis writing, you must have an exceptional level of knowledge of previous discoveries. You can also include what you think about that specific topic. Basically, thesis writing aims to look after your knowledge about the topic and field. In India, if you are at master level of education, you are not required to prepare thesis work. At doctoral level, you have to write dissertation work. In United States, pattern is just reverse to India. In US, you have to write thesis if you are at master’s level of education. You have to write dissertation if you are at doctoral level. In UK, you would be awarded master level of degree if you have successfully submitted dissertation work. You would be awarded doctoral degree if you have successfully submitted your thesis work. When you writer thesis, normally you would be paid. There is also difference between thesis and dissertation statement. Thesis statement aims at primary argument and it tells faculty member what you want to ascertain. It goes to all depth of topic through out the thesis work and in conclusion part, the topic and its finding are summarized.

For one, who has not ever written thesis or dissertation it would always be time consuming and complicated task. You have to go through previous writings and understand the pattern and way in which they have written thesis. The pattern of your thesis and dissertation also plays key role in successful submission of your work as it go through a panel of experts and professors. Normally, a thesis constitutes specific pattern. It starts with the introduction, title page, abstract, contents, background of topic, literature review, research methodology, data presentation and analysis, and it ends up with presentation of conclusion which includes your findings on topic.

Both thesis and dissertation must be written in specific reference style. APA and MLA styles are widely used in writing thesis and dissertation. Both these writings must also not be plagiarized. Dissertation starts with introduction of topic and includes your thoughts on the topic and it ends with conclusion of topic.

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