What are the types of blogs?

Blogs are used not only by the general public for socializing purposes, but also by corporates for marketing purposes. However, there are slightly more types of blogs than personal or corporate blogs. While many authors such as Tasner (2010) and Sauers (2006) classify blogs into these two main categories, blogs have been divided into many more categories such as political, charity, media and social (Sauers, 2006).

Thus blogs can be of the following types (Harris, 2008; Tasner, 2010):


Personal Blogs

A personal blog is an ongoing diary or commentary written by an individual (Harris, 2008). Personal blogs are most common and popular as they can be on any topic including hobbies, schools, sports, or even opinions (Tasner, 2010). These blogs are also somewhat private, sometimes meant to be read by the blogger’s family or friends. According to Tasner (2010), personal blogs are most successful when they criticize or rant about a product/service. Personal blogs are also referred to as “Individual Blogs” by Sauers (2006); who opinionates that these blogs are in a journalistic form.


Corporate/ Business Blogs

Corporate blogs are created by companies for business purposes like enhancing communication and culture within the organisation and outside it for marketing, branding and PR purposes. According to Tasner (2010), it is the best way to promote a product/service while building a relationship with the customer. Blogs are a mix between promotion of a product offerings and PR content that helps build brand loyalty. The contents of a corporate blog may range from photos of executives at office to customer testimonials and production processes. Sauers (2006) refers to corporate blogs as ‘organisational’ blogs.


Subject Blogs

According to Sauers (2006), there is a third category of blogs called as the ‘subject blog’ which is produced by one or more than one individual, focusing on a particular topic. This topic mat be related to politics, pets, hobbies, etc. Examples of popular blogs in this category are War blogs on recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is also called as ‘Genre Blogs’ by Harris (2008).

Harris (2008) introduces several other types of blogs such as Question Blogs (for answering public questions) and Device Blogs (blogs written using a mobile device).



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