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We answer your questions. Simply ASK.

What is Intra-group Conflict?

Conflicts that exist within teams or departments are known as Inter-group conflict. The level of intra-group conflict is high when there is lack of coordination between individual teams. Intra group conflict within departments is a healthy sign; since it helps each team work together and exhibit better performance when compared with that of other teams (Van de Vliert and Kabanoff 1990; Pondy 1969). However, conflict within teams, left unnoticed, deprives performance of an organization since a team is the basic unit of an organization.

When feelings between the two parties become intense they express hostility orally and in extreme cases physically (Debreu  and Van de Vliert, 1997). Conflict episodes within groups are the most difficult ones to manage. High levels of trust and a value orientation of inter-personnel cooperation can lead to lower the effects of intra-group conflict.  Conflicts within teams can be converted to yield positive result by organizing meetings between team members and encouraging healthy conversations (Peterson and Behfar, 2003). The project manager plays an important role in eliminating or minimizing the effects of conflicts that exist within a team.

Every individual working in an organization is important to it. The organization as well as managers must keep this in mind while making decisions in order to resolve conflicts. Programs like team building and team outing can stand as effective tools for managing intra-group conflict.


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