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We answer your questions. Simply ASK.

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is derived from energy source that can be renewed or replaced by the natural process is called the renewable energy. There are some sources for the renewable energy. They are:

  1. Wind: The wind energy is the world’s largest growing energy source. It is a form of solar energy as the weather processes that are influenced by the wind can cause sun. The windmills have been used for hundreds of years. The small and large wind turbines in many countries now generate the electricity for industry, remote dwellings, homes and villages. The wind turbines can be situated on the off-shore or land.
  2. Sun: The sun’s warmth and light produce the solar energy. The passive use of solar energy involves the direct capturing of warmth and the light through the building design. The active use of this technology is to transfer the sun’s energy into electricity. The solar hot water systems and the photovoltaic cells are the examples of active use.
  3. Hydro power: The force of the movement of tides and waves or the flowing water can be used to generate the electricity. The sun is a prime source on the natural cycles that can be created on the melt ice and the rain that makes the rivers flow into the lakes and the oceans.  There are many great rivers that have been dammed to use this power. The hydropower is clean that it does not produce the harmful emissions that are problematic. For instance the habitats have been harmed by many people and have been displaced from their villages by damming the rivers for the hydropower.
  4. A geothermal process: The geothermal energy is not a solar but it is renewable. It is derived from the heat that is stored deep in the Earth’s crust. It can be used for the generation of electricity or for the domestic heating. The heat rises to the near-surface and it heats the hot water, groundwater and the steam is produced. The rain, the movement of waves, wind and the growth of plants such as biomass are all derived from the processes which are started by the sun in many millions of years ago. We live on a planet with all kinds of limits in an ultimately finite solar system. That is why there is no such thing as a straightforward division between the non-renewable and the renewable energy sources. They can be renewable or non-renewable only if they see it from the human perspectives of limited for the human life-spans and their needs.
  5. Biological processes: The sun’s energy stored in animal waste and the plant matter is called the bio-energy. There are many biofuel sources which include:
    • Paper mill residue
    • Agricultural residue
    • Agricultural crops
    • Landfill methane
    • Urban wood waste
    • Animal waste and sewage
    • Forest residue

These sources of energy are renewable as their replacement is rapid compared to that of fossil fuels. Thus the biological processes can be used for the various energy sources.

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