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What makes Harvard’s referencing method the most popular format of dissertation writing?

During the education period at the university, whether writing an essay, a report or a dissertation, one should consolidate their own work, theory and thoughts with ideas formulated by authors along with supporting research which has been carried out by professionals and scholars within the required subject area. The information collected from different sources should be properly referenced and acknowledged, including direct citations or quotations, which mostly should be referenced, at the same time which must be paraphrased closely. If these are not put under references properly, then it will be considered to have been committed plagiarism, which is actually considered to be more serious offence especially while submitting an article as original work. Therefore proper referencing is considered as important task in producing research paper. The format to produce either in – text citation or referencing at the bibliography session should be easy for further references and Harvard referencing is such a format.

Scholars, experts, publishers plus many universities all through the world are all the time more requiring authors to kowtow to the Harvard style of referencing in all the sources that has been used by them. footnotes (at the end of a page) and endnotes (at the end of a chapter) are some of the other referencing systems used, but, taken as a whole, the Harvard system is the most trendy amongst academics, few say this is for the reason that the system in reality includes references to the foundation material in the manuscript and thus they are more effortlessly read in context with the sourced material.

The chief element, which makes reference easy, in the usage of Harvard referencing system is the bibliography. This bibliography is arranged in alphabetical order. With the usage of such referencing system it will become easier to trace and track the source used and allow the work to flow more lucidly and reasonably. At times the usage of footnotes and endnotes are done inorder to expand upon concepts so that the flow of the ideas are allowed to move forward more freely, while allowing easy check up on further explanations through these footnotes and endnotes.

Since it is easy to write in this style and later reference also appears to be easy too, so Harvard referencing is more popular and easy accessible format suggested and even utilized world widely.

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