Edit to perfection

Edit to perfection

What should you do before you finally submit your research paper

“I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning, and took out a comma. In the afternoon I put it back again”- By Oscar Wilde

That’s how one should proof read before finalizing any kind of research paper and submitting it to their respective professors. The most fundamental factor, which decides the score of a dissertation, is the level of accuracy in it. Before you go for the final binding of your dissertation report, go through it thoroughly; if needed hire a professional editor. Remember, it should be flawless!

Have you ever focused on why you need to proofread your dissertation paper? Well, there are several reasons for this.

A dissertation paper is a thorough research work done by us. We are often confident, that whatever is there in our mind is there on the paper, thus is rather lazy to go through it a second time. This is surely not the proper way. Read each and every word that you have written. Sometimes, such silly mistakes can come up which you can’t even think of. You should always take care that the flow of your research content connects to the evidences and arguments.

Always highlight the key areas of study. Make it distinct to make it appealing to the reader.

Sometimes you may be extremely delighted by the source of contents you get for your research paper, from the news articles, magazines and journals. But remember, the final conclusions are yours. Take note of it that you don’t have anything contradicting your own reasoning.

Some formatting factors are also essential while proofreading your dissertation paper. They are: Grammar accuracy, proper punctuations, spelling errors, page layout, bibliography, word count etc.

Let me introduce some of the most important processes of proof reading, which can help you submit an error free dissertation.

Take a second opinion for the proof reading of your dissertation. We often feel monotonous to go through the same paper repeatedly. In such a case, a second person can come across a mistake which you may have missed out.

A dissertation is quite a lengthy research paper and you may find it boring reading it at a stretch. So don’t wait till the end of the research. If you are writing two pages today, proofread those on the same day itself. This will make the process swift rather than being sluggish.

Try to focus on a single aspect of proof reading depending on the possibility of errors. As for example, spellings, grammar and punctuations are more likely to happen as compared to page formatting ones. So treat them first.

Do not proofread in a rush. You tend to make more mistakes. Go through your paper slowly.

Take a print out of the research paper and go through it. It is always convenient and can make out more mistakes than an electronic page on the computer screen. You must be thinking of the printing budget! Opt for the “fast print” mode or else go for a thinner font. This will save much of your ink.

On a final note, proof reading always serves as an essential factor for an error free project. This makes your dissertation appreciated and rewarded!

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