Tame the topic

Tame the topic

What should you write in a research proposal?

A standard research proposal starts with a background of the issue. As you explore the details of the research situation, you start to list your aim and objectives. You must keep the dissertation (i.e. the end result) in mind while making the proposal.

The contents of a research proposal are:

  • Background of the study: If you intend to write a dissertation on marketing issues in the online gaming industry, you must list the facts and figures of the existing situation. This justifies your aim and objectives.
  • Problem Statement: So you have explained the situation, but what is the problem identified? Why do you perceive it as a problem?
  • Aim and objectives of the study: Ideally, you must give one main aim and three supporting objectives for your dissertation. Decide the research aim before you even start writing.
  • Research Hypothesis (If any): Dissertation do not need you hypothesis testing to a problem. However including it in your study may enhance the dissertation nevertheless.
  • Proposed methodology: How do you intend to study the situation? In this section, you must give a brief about what tools you are going to apply for conducting the primary and secondary research. It must contain details of types of research, types of data, sampling plan, data collection methods and data analysis techniques.
  • Significance of the Study: How will your dissertation be of any significance to researchers? How will the parties to your study gain from your dissertation?
  • Ethical Issues: Give a list of the ethical issues likely to occur in the course of your dissertation, and how you will address them.
  • Limitations of the study: Every study is subject to some limitations. What limitations have you identified for your dissertation?
  • Organization of the paper: Give a chapter plan of the dissertation with brief explanation of the contents of every chapter.
  • Time line for submission: In how many parts are you going to present your dissertation? When and how will you present them? Give a table showing this information.
  • References: If you have cited any sources in the study, give the list of references in alphabetical order.

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