Tame the topic

Tame the topic

Writing a research proposal?

There are numerous companies in the market who claim research proposal writing is an exhaustive job. These notions are misleading, and their sole intention is to extract money from innocent students. If done well, writing a research proposal demands no more expertise than an assignment.

The first step in writing a synopsis/ proposal is always, always and always: Choose the right topic.  An already-researched topic adds nothing new to the existing body of knowledge. It offers nothing new to the reader. Follow these simple steps in choosing the best topic:

  • Consult your professors. Take their suggestions on the most trending topics that season.
  • Read business magazines. They publish news on the latest issues faced in blue chip companies and ask for experts’ inputs.
  • Consult your peers. They probably know what problem the country’s economy is facing and how they wish someone had a solution.

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