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Terms & conditions


The general terms and conditions determine the contractual relationship between Dissertation Deal, India and the customer.

I. Contractual Parties

The contracting parties within the scope of these terms and conditions are Dissertation Deal and the customer. Dissertation Deal only conducts such contracts with persons who are of age or are a legal entity.

II. Subject Matter of Contract

1. The customer is able to place their order via email or over the internet.

2. On www.dissertationdeal.com Dissertation Deal offers with their Online shop Project writing service, Thesis and Dissertation writing service, Research Proposal writing service, Essay writing service, Journal writing service, Data Analysis and writing service and Editing service which can be purchased and ordered over the internet. The customer can download, save, edit and print out the purchased services & products. Only these services & products that the customer has purchased via download are subject matter of this contract.

3. Subject matter of this contract for Dissertation Deal and the customer are the terms and conditions as well as the provided services & products which are available on www.dissertationdeal.com. All contracts that the customer concludes with Dissertation Deal over the internet or by any other means are subject to these terms and conditions. The customer explicitly accepts these terms and conditions when placing the order.

III. Conclusion of the contract

1. The contract between Dissertation Deal and the customer is concluded when the customer clicks on the button “Order” within the purchase process. The confirmation email with the download link which is sent to the customer after the order has been completed is not a condition for the conclusion of the contract.

2. The services & products which are provided via download and which the customer selects are the subject matter of this contract.

3. For the conclusion of the contract it is irrelevant whether the purchased services & products meet the individual requirements of the customer.

4. Dissertation Deal reserves the right to reject a customers request for ordering services & products without having to give any reason.

IV. Prices

1. The download of the services & products is subject to charge as far it is not marked as being free of charge.

2. The prices that are displayed at the time of the order are those that are valid for the customer.

3. The prices include all payable taxes.

4. Should the customer require the services or products to be sent in another way than download the customer must pay the forwarding charges.

5. All prices that the customer incurs for the download of the services & products such as internet charges are to be paid by the customer.

V. Duties and obligations of the customer


The customer is solely responsible that all data that is provided for the conclusion of this contract and for the use of the services and products is accurate and correct. The customer is obliged in the case that any provided data is or becomes incorrect to either update the data online on the customer account or to contact Inscale via email or in written form and provide them with all necessary details. Research papers provided by www.DissertationDeal.com serve as model papers and is not intended to take tests and examinations on behalf of its customer.

VI. Usage Rights

1. The services & products that the customer has purchased can be copied, edited, saved and used by the customer for their commercial and industrial use.

2. The customer is prohibited from providing the purchased services & products to third parties against payment or free of charge. Furthermore the customer is prohibited from transferring these usage rights to third parties.

3. Integral part of these terms and conditions are also the usage rights which customer can view on the website. These usage rights form part of the contract between Dissertation Deal and the customer. The customer should contact Dissertation Deal if they have any doubts in regards to the use of these services & products.

VII. Warranty

The customer is obliged to immediately inform Dissertation Deal of any complaints in regards to the purchased services & products and if possible within a period of 14 days via email or in written form after the customer has observed the deficiency. The lapse of the above period has no affects on the statutory rules on warranty.

The warranty is in accordance with the statutory regulations and in the case a deficiency has been detected then the customer has the choice of a further delivery or an improvement of the services & papers. Dissertation Deal will charge further for the editing or reconstruction of the work delivered after the a period of 14 days from the final delivery of the work.

VIII. Revocation

The customer has no right to revoke as the provided services and paper are not suitable for restitution. In the case that the customer has not received the download link via email or for any other reason is not able to download the purchased services & products then the customer needs to contact Dissertation Deal. In this case Dissertation Deal will resend the email free of charge.

IX. Disturbances

1. The customer is to ensure that Dissertation Deal is not subject to any disturbances or that its services are impaired. This particularly applies to Dissertation Deal providing and sending the services and products to the customer. The customer is to ensure that no complaints of commercial nuisance are to be made against Dissertation Deal when it provides services and products for the customer.

2. Dissertation Deal reserves the right to stop and shut down certain services (such as email contact) indefinitely when dealing with technical difficulties. The service may be shut down for all customers to protect them from possible dangers such as viruses. The service also may be shut down only for certain customers who may represent a danger for Dissertation Deal.

X. Violation of customers duties

Dissertation Deal excludes all liability for damages that are due to the customer violating their duties and obligations and which could have been avoided if the customer had fulfilled those duties and obligations.

XI. Liability

1. The customer has sole liability towards any third party.

2. The provided services & products are available as a file size and type in form of a download as in their description. In the case that the customer for any reason is not able to access or open the download link in the email then the customer has no entitlement for the delivery by any other means or in a different file size or type.

3. The customer has the responsibility to ensure that the technical requirements are available to download the purchased services & products and to open, edit and save the files that have been downloaded.

4. Dissertation Deal provides the customer, without any legal obligation, with information notices and on the website and a telephone help line in office hours. All advice that is provided is without any contractual obligation. Inscale therefore excludes all liability for damage that the customer may suffer using this service except in cases where Inscale has acted with gross negligence or intent.

5. Dissertation Deal endeavours to provide its customers with services & products that are complete, accurate and up-to-date but is not obliged to fulfil this. This particularly applies to geographical and political accuracy of the maps. The customer has no retroactive right to ask for new services & products when they are no longer accurate or current.

6. The liability for deficiencies and warranty of Dissertation Deal is in accordance with statutory rules in the case the customer has properly placed their notice. This does not affect the excluded liabilities laid out in these terms and conditions.

7. Dissertation Deal excludes all liability for services & products that are offered by third parties over www.dissertationdeal.com. This particularly applies to the software which can be purchased.

8. Dissertation Deal excludes any further liability for damages which have not been caused by the purchased services & products as well as any claims for lost earnings or other financial loss by the customer.

XII. Data Protection

1. All personal data which the customer provides to Dissertation Deal is solely used in relation to the contractual relationship between the parties. Should Dissertation Deal want to use the personal data of the customer for any other means which extend beyond this they will seek an additional consent of the customer.

2. All data that is kept on the customer meets all statutory requirements and data protection laws. Personal data of the customer may be passed onto third parties in the case that they are involved in processing the order or provided any other form of assistance to the customer (e.g. technical customer support help line)

XIII. Alteration terms and conditions, services and prices

1. Dissertation Deal reserves the right to make alterations to the terms and conditions and special agreements reached between the parties.

2. Dissertation Deal has the right to make the alterations to the terms and conditions with a six week notice. The customer shall be informed of any alterations via email or in written form. The customer is made aware of the fact that if there is no objection to the new terms and conditions via email or in written form within a period of six weeks then it becomes automatically part of any contractual dealings between the parties.

3. In the case that the customer objects to the new terms and conditions then both parties are entitled to terminate the contract via email or in written form in accordance with the statutory rules.

4. Dissertation Deal reserve the right to alter and change the prices of the services & products and specifications of products and services at any given time.

XIV. Retention of title

The services & products that have been provided remain the property of Dissertation Deal until full payment has been made.

XV. Severability Clause

Should any provision be or become void either wholly or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

XVI. Miscellaneous

1. The customer can only transfer the rights and obligations of this contract to a third party with the prior written consent of Dissertation Deal.

2. The applicable laws are the national laws of India barring the application of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG). The CISG is also excluded where the order has been placed from overseas or the services & products have been delivered outside India.

3. Dissertation Deal does not recognise any amendatory or supplementary general terms and conditions of the customer.

4. The place of jurisdiction for the contracting parties is New Delhi, India.

5. Dissertation Deal reserve the right to file claims against the customer at any other court of their choice.