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Statistics simplified

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Overwhelmed by their service.

Impressed by their reviews and ads, I asked DissertationDeal to work on my analysis. I needed a 4000-word analysis for my dissertation on microfinance for a university in the UK. I don't know how to analyse data using SPSS, but my professor was determined that I use it. Anyway, for the first 5 days I demanded daily updates on the work. I told them to show me the working sheets before proceeding with documentation. I had already collected the primary data, so all they had to do was analyse it using their software. The SPSS work was flawless and after 5 or 6 days, I told them to start documenting it. They presented it immaculately with graphs and tables. They did not use the tables unnecessarily. Sometimes small things like this may lead to a student's failure, yes. Anyway, the SPSS work was quite good.


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Specify everything before you ask them to working.

You need to specify beforehand what kind of analysis you exactly want if you don't want any trouble. Let them know of everything about your paper, i.e. the aim (of course), the methodology, statistical tool to be used and the proposed hypothesis. If you are unsure about the tool (as I was), consult your professor/ tutor for the same. After that, they pretty much handle it well.


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Everything went just perfectly.

DissertationDeal did not waste my paper space on silly diagrams and tables, like another such company had. It is value for money as the data analysis will explain every question you professor might possibly think of. I told them to concentrate on the collection of data as my university was very strict about authenticity of data. They not only gathered original data, but also presented it very well. At the end of the paper, they emailed me the soft copy of all questionnaires and interview transcripts. My supervisor was most pleased with the analysis and primary data presentation part.