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Tame the topic

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Definitely unlike any other Dissertation Writing Company.

I am writing this review only out of my experience at DissertationDeal. I needed a research proposal for my dissertation made within 24 hours. I contacted some other company (I will not disclose the name) and they promised me that the proposal will be made within 2 hours and will be plagiarism free. However, I was shocked to see that it was 88% plagiarized! I am working in the UK and it is hard for students like to us to divide time between studies, work and dissertation. My proposal was rejected even though I managed to remove most of the plagiarism, because it did was not upto the standard quality-wise. I faced many issues with other companies I contacted- some regarding the price, some about delivery and some about the turnaround time. A few days later, I contacted DissertationDeal for a new research proposal. All they asked for was the dissertation title, submission date and university guidelines. They made my paper within 3 days- less time than what is mentioned in their website too. I feel highly indebted to them for the quality and dedication they have shown towards my paper- the paper was accepted and I am now getting the dissertation also made through them.


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These guys are perfectionists.

They edited my proposal in 6 hours! There was a lot of work needed because professors sometimes demand changes that are out of your limit- you end up choosing a new topic altogether. They not only gave logical reasoning to my proposal, but also modified the proposal according to the comments. The aim and objectives of the study were written in short and simple words but I think it comes from experience. You should give it DissertationDeal a shot if you're planning to outsource your work.


Average rating out of 5 by user.

I like their overall writing process.

The Handler at DissertationDeal made sure my research proposal was made according to my specifications. There are two different people in care of any project- the Handler and the writer. While you can choose your writer, the Handler is assigned by DissertationDeal. But I almost never had to collaborate with the writer because the handler took care of it all. At the end of the day, the produced a satisfactory proposal.